Paul Bong pulling a print

Inkfest 2016 A Festival of prints and printmaking - 28 March/21 August

Inkfest is an innovative addition to Cairns cultural calendar showcasing the fascinating and diverse artform of printmaking in a range of activities and events. it is unique to Cairns, the only event of its kind in Australia.

The Inkfest program includes a number of inter-related printmaking activities for artists of all cultural backgrounds, including indigenous, emerging and experienced professional artists, and community engagement.  The principal event is the InkMasters Print Exhibition, a tour de force of works of print media artists from the region which show alongside national and international celebrated printmakers. Also showing inTank 4 is an exhibition "Prints from the InkFest Workshops", and a display of works by the Artists in Residence, Roz Kean and Jenny Kitchener.  During InkFest two of Australia's top printmakers complete residencies and deliver workshops and masterclasses. Prominent inkMaster printers also deliver four workshops silkscreen. intaglio, mezzotint, and Japanese woodcut a total of 20 print events in 2016. 

The outstanding community event of InkFest is the BIG PRINT. In the weeks leading up to the printing day InkMaster printmakers  conduct print workshops in Cairns Primary and  secondary schools and the REACH, creating giant lino blocks. InkMasters will also make some very, very large lino blocks as well. Then it's GET READY TO ROLL when the blocks are printed all at once in a long line, with a STEAM ROLLER and a big team of printmakers. The BIG PRINTS will then go on show at Cell Art Space 109 Lake St for two weeks. Come along and join in the fun on BIG PRINT DAY, it will be spectacular!