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Membership is open to printmakers and print lovers, collectors and supporters everywhere.

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For such a small and young organization I think you will agree we punch well above our weight. We are justly proud of it, and it is mainly thanks to our members but also sponsors and grants bodies that we have been able to accomplish this.

$40 is the annual membership fee. It is a modest amount and you will gain all the advantages of having an energetic and professional arts organization working for you. We need you to continue to develop our vision to establish Cairns as a centre of printmaking excellence, and to advance the careers of all of our members. If you feel able to do so, we would also appreciate a further donation. At present it is not tax deductible, but this is something we are also planning to achieve.

The new membership year will change in 2018 to 1 January 1 - 31 December. To faciliate this change we are offering a choice between a one-off 6 month ($20) or 18 month ($60) membership from July 1, 2017. 

A membership card will be issued. Everyone will receive a digital version of the card attached (as a .jpg) to their acceptance email, which can be copied (like a photo) to your mobile phone or tablet. Alternatively a printed version can be posted to you or collected by arrangement at InkMasters Print Workshop at 55 Greenslopes St. Cairns, at your request. 

Membership offers all the benefits below: 

  • Affordable access to IPW (Inkmasters print workshop) at 55 Greenslopes St
  • Print workshops in a range of techniques
  • Participation in members only exhibitions
  • Participation in national and international print exchanges
  • Group membership of Arts Organisations 
  • Up to date information about the local, regional, national and international print world and opportunities on the website and/or our Facebook page
  • Opportunity to display works on the webpage

To join, please complete the online membership form and pay the fee preferably by direct debit. Post cheques and hard copy of the completed form to PO 7792, Cairns, 4870. Payment details are on the form. Please use the contact form for assistance.

Committee meetings are held on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month 5pm at IPW, 55 Greenslopes St, and are advised by email and Facebook. All InkMaster members are cordially invited to attend, as are visitors to the region and community members who would like to get involved with printmaking or our group.

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